Blackjack or blackjack is an uncomplicated card game that involves one or more players and a croupier. The game involves one or more decks of 52 cards each. Blackjack holds a leading position among all card games. If you play by basic strategy, the casino’s prevalence in the card game is minimal (approximately 0.5%). That’s why blackjack online USA is so attractive to gambling enthusiasts.

What’s the point of the game

The player’s goal is to beat the dealer in one of a couple of ways:

  • Taking more points in your hand, but not going over the 21-point limit.
  • Allowing the dealer to score more than 21 points and avoid going over the 21-point limit in his hands.
  • One player or multiple players can compete with the dealer. Each participant plays an individual game with the dealer – each hand can end up winning for some players and losing for others.

If a player overcounts, he counts overcount or bust – the dealer wins. The same situation is with the dealer – the player wins in case of overkill.

If the hands of the dealer and the player were equal in number of points (outside the combination of “blackjack”), awarded a draw – the bet goes back to the player. If neither one or the other has no overcall, the winner is the one who scored more points. Online blackjack in USA will help you relax.

Blackjack Rules

To learn how to play Blackjack, you need to be able to determine the value of the cards. King, Queen, Jack and Ten are 10 points. The Ace is the most interesting option, because it can take a value of 11 or 1 (if the cards give more than 21 points in total, it makes sense to give the card a minimum value). The value of other cards is determined traditionally:

  • A 9 is 9 points;
  • 8 is 8 points
  • 7 – 7 points, etc.
  • If we’re talking about a classic card game, the suit of the card doesn’t matter.

Blackjack (ace/ten combination) is the most advantageous combination because it gives you a competitive edge over all other combinations, giving you a total of 21.

If the player has more points in his hands than the dealer – the rate is 1:1. Blackjack gives a bet of 1.5:1. If there is a tie, the bets are untouched, and if there is a mutual overcall, the cards are sent to the eliminator. Play continues until the deck is empty.

Principles of Basic Blackjack Strategy

At the initial stage of learning the game, experts advise learning the rules of basic strategy. As mentioned earlier, following this strategy can reduce the percentage of casino income to 0.5% or lower. Best blackjack online can be found on the website.

How to play with a soft and hard hand?

A soft hand is a combination in which an Ace takes a value of 11 (6s and Aces are soft 17 points). The rules of a soft hand are as follows:

  • if the 17 points are soft, you should take a card, because it is guaranteed to increase in value;
  • If you can’t make 17 points, you should also draw a card. Such a move will level out the opponent’s advantage, which is the next move;
  • If there are 18 soft points in your hand, doubling is the best option (assuming the dealer’s card is 8,9,10).

A hard hand in a card game is a hand in which there is no Ace or it assigns a value of one (Ace, Nine, Seven are solid 17 points). In such a situation, the following tips will help the participant:

  • If there are 12-16 points in hand and the dealer has a card worth 2-6, it would be better to stop. Such a low value greatly increases the dealer’s chances of losing by overdrawing;
  • If you’re holding a solid 12-16, and the dealer’s first card is a Seven or higher, it’s worth taking a chance and playing another card;
  • If you manage to get a hard 17 points, you should stop. With such a combination, it is very easy to stay in the winnings.
  • The value of the dealer’s open card is of great importance. Therefore, it is not customary to flip it.

The basic strategy of the game in online casino blackjack is a conservative option, which will be appreciated by beginners. For the convenience of novice players have created a table that “dictates” to the participant the most appropriate follow-up action based on the number of points in hand and the value of the dealer’s open card.