Online poker is any variant of club poker in which the game is played over the Internet. Online poker is usually played with downloadable software installed on the computer. Lately there are more and more non-downloadable (flash or java) versions where you can play through a browser from any operating system. There are also already versions for PDA and cell phones. Online poker games will please your choice.

Online poker industry has been rapidly developing in the recent years, every six months the player base doubled. Recently due to the restrictions in the USA the growth slowed down a little bit but the number of online poker rooms and players continues to grow. Nowadays, online poker is a major gambling industry.

The difference between online and offline poker

There’s quite a big difference between online and offline poker. Firstly, online players can’t see each other; the game is played at a painted table where the players are only avatars. As a result, on the one hand, the player can not hide his emotions, on the other hand, there is no opportunity to take advantage of the cues that can be obtained from the gestures or behavior of opponents. Thus, the mathematical component of poker increases somewhat on the Internet, although such parameter as decision-making time can still be used as a cue (it should be kept in mind that many players, especially professional ones, play at several tables simultaneously, so the waiting time of their turn may not mean anything). Online poker legal US and is popular.

Second, there is a difference in the speed of play. Shuffling cards and dealing them by a real dealer takes time, there is usually more time to make a decision offline (online the limit on the move is usually about 20-30 seconds), as a result, offline in the same time is played in 2-3 times less games than online. In addition, offline a player can play only at one table, while online – at any number of tables. Many players play 2-10 tables at a time, which increases the dynamics of the game as well as the profits, although it requires very quick decision making. Best online poker website can be found on the website.

Third, online offers much more options in terms of different games, limits, and opponents. While offline poker clubs are mostly open only a few hours a day with a few tables, Texas Hold’em tournaments with one particular buy-in or cash 1-2 different limits (usually medium limit), the online selection is much richer. You can choose from a dozen different games, there are tables from 1 on 1 to full, a rich variety of tournaments, limits from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. Opponents can be found at any time of day (except for the most unpopular games).

Fourth, the game on the Internet allows you to use a variety of additional programs. Some of them help with odds calculation and game math, others collect information on the player and opponents, allowing you to analyze the game and find both your own weaknesses and opponents, while others help simulate different situations and make the right decisions. Best poker online will allow you to earn a good amount of money.

It is also clear that there is a difference in environment and atmosphere. In offline clubs you often have to tolerate players’ rudeness (unfortunately, there are a lot of such players in Russia yet, though in other countries the cheeky players are kicked out from the tables), to inhale tobacco smoke and so on. In online poker you can play at home, providing yourself with the most comfortable conditions.