This is a popular game that not only experienced but also novice users of online casinos play with pleasure. Roulette online is one of the most popular games among gambling users. Today, no online casino can do without it. Developers take into account the popularity of this game. Therefore, they regularly present new variations of online roulette. Depending on your own preferences, the player can choose a classic slot or modified online game here. Best roulette casino online can be found in this article.

Features of the slot

The point of this game is to guess a number. On a spinning wheel with numbers in the range from 1 to 36 gets the ball. After a few spins it stops at one of the sectors. If the user guessed the number, his bet automatically increases by 35 times. It is important to note that you can bet not only on the numbers, but also on the color (red or black), as well as on:

  • row;
  • column;
  • dozens.

Bets appear on the table with a green cloth, on the surface of which the numbers are depicted. Online roulette is available to users in demonstration mode. Best online casino roulette will help you relax.

Varieties of roulette online

There are three main types of roulette:

  • European: the classic type with one zero;
  • American: Compared with the European, it has two sectors of zero (more profitable for the casino than for the player);
  • French: if the ball hits the zero, the player gets half of the bet.

The most profitable type of roulette for players is French roulette. It is important to understand that roulette is a cyclical game. When the ball has fallen on a particular number and all the payouts are made, the game starts again. Best roulette online will help you make good money.

Types of roulette bets

Many users who have not dealt with gambling believe that to play roulette online it is enough to bet money on a specific number. If the ball stops on the puzzled position, there will be a win. As a rule, the bet increases 35 times. In addition to the classic, there are other types of bets:

  • single row bet: the chips in this case are on the outside line of the row;
  • Bet on two numbers: chips are built in a line, which divides the playing field of two numbers. In case of winning the bet increases 17 times;
  • Corner bet: a bet on the 4 numbers, it is also called a “square”. Chips at the intersection of lines inside the square, which consists of 4 numbers.

The easiest bet, which is popular with beginners, is to bet on black or red. The chance of winning in this case is 50/50 (if we exclude the probability of getting the ball in the area of zero).

The best roulette slots

American Roulette by NetEnt.

This virtual version of American roulette. The playing field in this case consists of 38 cells and the wheel on which the winning number falls. The rating of this machine is quite high, experienced users leave worthy reviews about it.

2) European Roulette by Evoplay

In this slot, everything is designed in casino style: the gambling table, the camera from the user’s face, as well as the animated roulette wheel. Betting can be from 1 to 100 credits in different areas of the playing field.

  1. Neon Roulette by Fugaso

By choosing this machine, the user can make bets on dozens of combinations. In the Neon Roulette slot by Fugaso, you can bet on the lucky number or on any prepared option. Playing this slot can give not only positive emotions, but also a decent cash winnings.

For beginners, online blackjack roulette can seem like a somewhat complicated game. However, if you start with the basic stakes and do not strive to master all at once, get in a short time to achieve impressive results in this virtual game. Best online roulette casinos are available to you around the clock.